I. Situation

Urban Ark Conservation was founded in 2016 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. UAC is veteran owned and operated as a conservation driven farmstead, with roots in the conservation of many species.  As a veteran operated facility we always seek to better ourselves and support not only our veteran family, but the farming and conservation community as a whole.


II. Mission


Our mission is simple, conservation, not only the conservation of the species we proudly steward, but the conservation of the veterans that are most often forgotten.  We have a creed, and my two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in my mind—accomplishment of my mission and the welfare of my Soldiers. Together, our two communities can work towards saving both.  


III. Execution




Agri-therapy is not a new idea, but we plan on taking it a step further.  Our future plans include the acquisition of a larger farming facility, to provide beneficial pasture and infrastructure for the raising and housing of our critically endangered livestock, and also provide outbuildings and workshops for the future educational training we plan to implement.


A. Concept of the Operation


We will seek fundraising, sponsorship, donations, and grant applications to raise money for the acquisition of a facility in which we can expand and grow. Additional funding will provide us with more livestock, as keeping genetic diversity is a priority in our livestock conservation programs.  Funds will go towards the construction of new workshops, as needed, in order to provide teaching spaces to instruct artisanal programs  we wish to hold which will be geared towards the education, and rehabilitation of veterans in need.  These courses shall include blacksmithing, artisanal bread making, and other various traditional farming practices, as well as modern sustainability farming techniques such as permaculture and aquaponics.


IV. Service Support


As we look past the current state of food production we must examine the sustainability of our current system, its environmental impact, and the lack of interest in farming from future generations.  Sustainable food processes such as Aquaponics, and Permaculture are two of the most food producing practices being used.  These systems promote environmental health, a positive impact on natural surroundings, and an abundance of food production.  Pasture raising, and rotational grazing, when done properly, are vital to the health and microbiology of the soil. These result driven practices are perfectly aligned to those who have served in the military.  These skills, when taught to veterans in transition to civilian life, can set them up for success. These moments, when spent with a small team, can improve the quality of life and well-being of troubled veterans. 


Please support us in our mission, as we look toward a sustainable food future, and continue our support to service members.



Farming used to be a community effort, someone raised chickens, someone harvested corn, and some kept cows.  If you needed certain things you knew exactly who to go to. You met face to face, developed a bond, and everyone came together to share their harvest.  There were less E. Coli outbreaks, less salmonella recalls, and the farmer cared for the land surrounding his farm, inviting nature back to create an entire ecosystem on their land.

times have changed

It's 2020, not everyone has the space for farming, nobody has the time to plant, tend, and harvest. We now go to large supermarkets where the transactions are impersonal, and we don’t take the time to meet the person who had their hands in the mud, so we can enjoy the convenience of getting everything right now.

Here at Urban Ark Conservation we are striving to push local grown, organic food to table.  Take the time to meet your farmer, to get to know them and the work they put into your food.  A good farmer will take the time to get to know your needs, and the needs of your family.

Community is the future of food, sustainability is the security to continue to make that food available, locally, without the disastrous effects that large-scale operations can have on the environment.

Our mission is conservation, and we are at the forefront of a conservation movement. Educating and practicing sustainability has a direct and positive impact on environmental conservation.  By practicing things like aquaponics, permaculture, and other sustainable farming techniques, we are directly impacting the environment around us. We are protecting the areas in and around our sustainable farms, inviting wildlife back in to flourish, and producing more food, with less, year round.  

We can take these practices to any home, city or country where there could be a food shortage.  Teaching, educating, and training those who live there how to sustain themselves.


Veteran Farmed and Operated 



Working together to provide a secure sustainable future!

©2018 by Urban Ark Conservation.