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Habitat Preservation & Restoration:

Here, you can learn about our habitat projects as they come to fruition. To help make these projects come to life, please visit our shop and become a supporting member!

We aim to secure tracts of land in the native ranges of herpetofauna species of concern. These tracts of land will be delegated as preserves to protect and restore ideal habitat. And where we're able to do so, erect satellite facilities for careful breeding programs for release.


Of particular international interest are the Cloud Forests of Central America. They are becoming increasingly fragmented, imposing physical barriers on the species that call these areas home, such as Abronia. Many species of which are currently listed by IUCN as threatened, or worse, largely with decreasing population trends.




We work with federal, local and private landowners in an advisory capacity to aide and support the process of returning a degraded or former habitat to a healthy, self-sustaining condition that resembles, as closely as possible, its pre-disturbed state. Examples of restoration include removing material from a filled wetland, increasing tidal flow to a restricted wetland, re-establishing natural river flow, enhancing degraded seafloor habitats, treating runoff to improve water quality, cleaning up contaminated habitats, and managing invasive species. Many projects involve multiple types of restoration and focus on improving the health of the ecosystem in its entirety.